Jennifer and Watt Foster are dedicated to creating a better future for our local community.  Focusing their efforts on Central Virginia, The Watt Foster Foundation offers support to organizations active in changing the lives of children, women and families in our own back yard.  Founded in 2018, the Foundation partners with local organizations making it possible for them to continue their efforts and enhance their impact.

Meet Jennifer and Watt

Philanthropy has a huge role in Watt’s life. His foundation, Watt Foster Family Foundation, donates to disadvantaged children, scholarship funds and local charities. Along with other accomplishments including serving on the local boards and coaching local kid’s sports teams, Watt is firmly planted in the love and pride he has for his wife and six children. It is Watt’s intention that this foundation grow over time and leave a legacy of giving for many Foster generations to come. In 2014, the Foster family donated a 500-acre parcel located in the Blue Ridge Mountains to a local church for the establishment of a children’s camp focused on helping inner-city youth come to know Christ. In 2017, the camp hosted over 2,000 children and is continually growing.

Photos of Us